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Whale and Dolphin Sound

How to Write a CD Review

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We are very grateful for you feedback and comments on our whale sounds and dolphin sounds CDs. If we post your review we will send you free a Spinner dolphin sound or Humpback whale sound CD of your choice. Include in your review the name of the title od the CD you are reviewing. Some suggestions to include in your review: what you think or feel about of the sounds, what effect do the sounds have on you, how you use the CD and how often you listen to it. We have some customers who listen to them every night before going to sleep and others that use them for deep meditation.  
Most important is to be creative. We have many healers that use these sound CDs in their practice and if you are one of them, and if you want to, share with us how you use it with your clients and it's effects. This is also a great opportunity to get "the word out" on what you are doing. It is very important to tell us how you want to sign it. Some just like to use their first name, others like to include their email address and other contact information. Please limit your review to 150 words or less. Thank you. To submit your review include it in an email to: frank@magicalislandsounds.com dolphin sunlight
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