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For many years we have recorded the sounds of the majestic Humpback Whales and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins off the Kona Coast of Hawaii. It is a blessing and honor to interact and communicate with our friends in the pacific ocean.

From kayaks and small boats we have made hundreds of hours of under water audio recordings of our cetacean friends. These have been edited into two pure natural CDs. The whale sounds and dolphin sounds that you will hear on our CDs will be as if you were in the water with them.

We also designed and developed our own underwater and topside recording gear through our sister company, Kona Engineering, creating two some of the clearest recordings of whale songs and spinner dolphin sounds:

"Celebration of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin"


"Council of the Humpback Whales"

Please surf our site to understand more about our cetacean friends and if you like purchase a CD which will help support our cetacean human interactive communication goals.

Be sure to check out our spinner dolphin photo slide show.

A Big Aloha from the staff at Magical Island Sounds.